The Karoo’s stark beauty

In July 2018, we took a road trip to the area where asylum is set and ended up being towed to Beaufort West on the back of a truck. This after two of our tyres where chewed to the rim by Karoo rocks. I thought Barry, the protagonist in Asylum, would have found this quite appropriate.

“Moving, authentic, compelling” — David Banta

“Thus, Low’s book is timely and important as it presents a human story behind untreatable infectious disease. Low places incarcerated people who have the dimmest hopes for the future and little consolation at the story’s center. Low movingly describes the mental state of Barry James in a way that seems entirely authentic. A compelling read!”

— David Banta, Journal of Health Policy

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“A mesmerising novel” – Karina Szczurek, Cape Times

“There is something about a debut novel that excites beyond the ordinary experience of opening a new book by a familiar author. You have no way of knowing what to expect. When starting Marcus Low’s Asylum, I certainly did not anticipate that the novel would hold me captive for several hours. I read it in one go, even though I only intended to dip into it on the morning before its launch at the Book Lounge last month. A friend of mine was interviewing the author at the event and I meant to go to support my friend. By the time I arrived at the bookshop, however, I was there to cheer on everybody involved. Marcus Low has got himself a fan.”

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Asylum times two

20190524_160757My copies of the UK edition of Asylum has just arrived, pictured here with the original South African edition. Thank you, Legend Press!